Pornhub, one of the most visited websites in the world, is no longer hosting an official page and videos from Girls Do Porn, a company that. MindGeek's flagship porn site appears to have finally parted ways with Girls Do Porn, removing its official channel three days after its owners.

Andre Garcia has stated that he "never operated, owned, controlled, or posted on any pornography websites on which the Plaintiffs allege their videos were published. Neither Pratt, Wolfe, nor Garcia addressed whether or not they lied to the women in their declarations. He stopped once they got in the car.

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The stalking and the shame led some women to go offline, drop out of college, move to a different country, and consider killing themselves. Paid modeling gig, the post read. The men reassured her they would only need to film for five minutes per position, but the rough intercourse lasted far longer than that.

In January , the lawsuit states, advertisements for Girls Do Porn began appearing in posts on the site. According to the lawsuit, the men urged them to sign contracts full of legalese that they did not understand, rushing them along by saying they had only a few hours to shoot the video and the contract merely reiterated what they had already been promised.

The civil trial has been ongoing since late August; in September, a videographer who worked for Girls Do Porn testified in court that the production company lured into having sex on video after being allegedly promised the videos would never be widely distributed or posted online.

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Then came the harassment: strangers found their social media accounts and sent message after message , some with screenshots of the videos. Hobbyists and stalkers in the forums, blogs, and chatrooms publish the victim's social media and private information seeking to 'out' the victim as a whore, slut, or prostitute. Last week, the owners and employees of Girls Do Porn were charged with federal sex trafficking counts. Later, Monica learned the nude photos she sent only to the man behind the Craigslist ad had also been posted online—along with her name, her family members names, and links to all their social media profiles.

Another 18 women have since joined the suit.

The men reassured her they would only need to film for five minutes per position, but the rough intercourse lasted far longer than that. She studied nursing at a nearby community college. Do you go home to your family like it's nothing? Then they took me to the airport. She hadn't told anyone where she was going or what she was doing. Pratt did not respond to a request for comment by phone, and emails sent to that addresses associated with GirlsDoPorn.

girls do pprn Her friend came over and stayed with her. Collage by Lia Kantrowitz; Images via Shutterstock.


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